Developments in science and technology have ushered in a sea of change in the field of sports and fitness.

Athletes, trainers and fitness experts are leveraging every aspect of this development to review and revise different aspects of sports, right from the technique, the fitness, nutrition, psychology to the gear that the athlete uses and the clothes they wear.

We are all witness to how this holistic approach coupled with a scientific basis has enabled athletes to better their performances par excellence.

Sadly most of the fitness programs that we come across still follow age old practices that are hardly reflective of whats current and whats best.

At Fit2Sport we believe in following a scientific approach, we believe in Long Term Athletic development, we believe in the concept of recovery strategies and periodization.



Dr. Ajit Mapari

(Consultant Sport and Exercise Medicine)

He is working as a consultant sports & exercise medicine in Pune. His experience spans across 15 years in the related field. He completed his masters in Sports & Exercise Medicine from one of the top UK universities- University of Exeter, Devon,UK.

He covered the 1st Indian Badminton league as a sports doctor.

He was assigned by the ICC (International Cricket Council) as a DCO / Chaperon for the India-Australia ODI series 2013 & India – West Indies test match series 2013.

His area of work includes injury prevention & management, sports specific fitness guidance and program execution; covering events as a sports doctor.

As a founder of “FIT2SPORT” he and the team work in this filed for a better future for sports specific fitness & performance enhancement; help building champions.

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