We design fitness program and help athletes / players to enhance performance. We manage your injuries and make you return to sport in the best possible way. We help prevent injuries too.



Periodization training is a systematic training plan used by athletes to ramp up and ramp down training in order to be in the best condition at a target time frame. Each phase may last weeks or months, depending upon the ultimate goal, but the principles of conditioning are followed so that fitness increases but the risk of over-training or developing an overuse injury decreases.



Broadly recovery needs a lot of attention and many other things including the following must be dealt with:

  • Recognising Overreaching & Overtraining
  • Knowing when to back off and how long to wait
  • Knowing when it is safe to train hard again
  • Knowing how hard the envelope can be pushed
  • Knowing how long to taper down to major events


Rehabilitation is a complex process demanding the attention and knowledge of a range of issues and applications. Successful rehabilitation of sports injuries is dependent on a progressive plan that addresses and accommodates the injury/pathological issues and conditions. In so doing, the rehabilitation plan incorporates a multitude of decisions and actions, often underpinned by research evidence.

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