Medical & Physiotherapy examination

We conduct and advise the required medical tests following the routine examination, simultaneously conducting sports specific physiotherapy screening for any injuries. These tests include complete posture assessment, musculoskeletol examination, multiple joint ROM, clinical strength testing, muscular imbalances, tightness in any muscles / fascia, etc.

Movement profile

Our experts screen the athletes using specialised techniques to study the movement pattern. Analysis of these tests results in understanding the risks of injuries to the athlete. Scientific measures are implemented via series of individual sessions to reduce the risks and prevent injuries if the need be.


Field testing

Our specialised tests are designed to know strengths and weaknesses of the player and his/her fitness level. Field test scores will help formulate the fitness programs and progressions.


Skill testing

Battery of tests are conducted to analyse the sports specific skill sets. These tests quantify the level of sports performance. Role of coaches is important to conduct these tests and we help them analysing the results.


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