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Who are we?

Fit2Sport was established in 2012 as a concept where a team of multidisciplinary individuals will act in unison to develop an integrated approach for any fitness seeking individuals ranging from weekend warriors to elite sportsperson. Following a major upgrade in 2017, Fit2Sport is emerging as one of the leading centre for musculoskeletal health and high performance for athletes.

Why choose us?

We pride ourselves in delivering exceptional services related to injury management and performance enhancement to all age groups, across multiple disciplines and especially athletes from novice to professionals. The services offered are not only based on a series of assessments and clinical experience, but also the holistic approach extended by all the related experts, making a robust team of professionals.



India is a land full of talent and an upcoming powerhouse in the field of sports. People across all disciplines have been pushing the boundaries of sports as an industry. We at Fit2Sport are similarly focusing on improving the entire ecosystem of the country in the following ways:

  1. Collaborating with leading experts from across the Industry for providing cutting-edge service to athletes at all levels irrespective of the discipline.

  2. Scientific management and development of the nature and nurture of the athlete.

  3. Improving the day to day quality of life of all our regular clients and subscribers as per updated knowledge and clinical evidence/guidance.

  4. To offer genuine guidance and hands-on- experience to all students,observers and interns across sports medicine, physiotherapy, sports science and the related.

  5. Proactively work towards increasing knowledge of the general population regarding the field of sports science and medicine through awareness drives, workshops, talks and other community engagement methods.

  6. Looking at corporate wellness programs from an innovative and holistic perspective.

Performance is a lifestyle not an achievement

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