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The category of assessment is based on factors like your chronological & training age, level of play, injury history, etc. We have created a unique proforma of athlete assessment categorized into beginner/Intermediate/Elite level. Athletes develop with age and maturity, some have the aptitudes while others have the attitudes. We have the means to assess it at our very own facility. We exclusively work on injury prevention & management and performance enhancement of athletes across multiple disciplines. We currently cater to athletes playing at various levels of over 14 disciplines.
The assessment module also caters to recreational athletes and elderly population willing to play and compete. The process followed is on similar lines and a range of home-based as well as gym-based exercises are prescribed case basis.
Our programs can be tailored practically to be able to do it in your city / sports club / office location for group’s of all categories. We have multiple programs and modules designed for various needs, feel free to contact us for any related query.
Athlete assessment based on various playing levels


A beginner assessment protocol focuses primarily on assessing the maturity related to physical and game sense. Talent identification and aptitude consultation is studied in this case. The beginner protocol also includes clinical evaluation, posture analysis and not focusing more on fitness due to the inexperienced body which might be prone to some injuries. Post analysis we improve the efficiency and correct muscle imbalances if any and thus the posture by prescribing exercises. This creates a base for progressing to the next level of play or fitness activity and minimizes risk of injury.


An Intermediate assessment protocol focuses on the performance enhancing aspect and the injury prevention aspect equally. An athlete report card is created using a series of tests ranging from cognitive skills to functional/Sport specific skills. Attitude and mentality of the person and even the mood states are measured if felt necessary. Introduction to a basic nutrition plan to understand the requirements of the body better. The focus post assessment is on functionally developing movement patterns and prevent any injury using the right measures and techniques, progressing to workload monitoring. 


The top of the ladder athletes are given the nurturing they deserve. The assessment not only clocks in all the above said tests but also revaluate all the internal factors an athlete needs for his performance. Hormonal, hematological and even hydration levels are measured. MATTM assessments and a detail nutritional pattern is a part of the assessment. Not only their fitness parameters are evaluated but sport specific testing with the help of their coaches is undertaken through analysis for e.g. force velocity profiling. Training history and work rest ratios are noted as future scopes are taken into consideration while creating a periodized plan for the athlete to peak at the right time. State of the art technology is used to create and sustain development in performance.

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