Training Programs

biomechanical assessments and correctives

We utilize GaitONTM to biomechanically assess and correct individuals who wish to improve on various parameters; including Posture analysis – walking analysis – running analysis and even tennis serve analysis. Videos are recorded using the state of art technology and then analyzed using the software. This helps us in identifying and correcting Biomechanical problems, helps prevent certain injuries and enhancing performance.
These training programs help in developing and maintaining correct posture and efficiency. They are initiated and followed up with a Fundamental movement screen (FMS), a progress report is mapped and eventually a score improvement in the screen is also seen.  These programs are extremely beneficial for every person willing to move pain-free. Every corrective program has to be progressed to a strength & conditioning program.
Biomechanical assessments

Motion analysis using GaitON

Motion analysis is technology based biomechanical assessment tool. We at Fit2sport are using the GaitON software to assess 4 components depending on the specific requirement or clinical recommendations.

  • 1)    Static Posture
  • 2)    Walking gait
  • 3)    Running gait
  • 4)    Tennis serve.

The biomechanical assessments comprise of precise and reliable technology. The Motion analysis assessment is then followed up with a program specific to the findings. Corrective exercise protocol can range from 8 to 24 weeks. 

Foot posture & Insole assessment using Shapecrunch

Foot posture assessment plays an important role in every athlete or any person with related issues, who has functional weight bearing involved. The amount of weight bearing and the distribution of it on your feet can either prevent injuries or increase them. Most of the times the role of these assessments and corrective program is underplayed in almost every sport. Thus, we have created an assessment specifically for the foot posture using the technology delivered by Shapecrunch.  ShapecrunchTM works on 3D mapping of the insoles and then customising it according to the client. It can be followed up with corrective exercise protocol.

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