High performace Athlete program



 1) Sports massage

Our professional massuers, separate for male and female athletes are widely experienced working on various national and international assignments. They help athletes recover well by providing the necessary pressure techniques after discussions with the in house sports  medical team.


2) Hypervolt (Vibration massager) 

Handheld massaging tool which uses the technique of percussion therapy and is automated with adjustable vibration frequencies and changeable heads to reach almost every part of the body. 


3) Cupping

Form of alternative massage therapy where cups are used under suction to create and release tension. Cupping therapy helps in the same way as massage therapy does by improving the blood flow to the muscles they are used on.


4) Ice bath 

Cold water immersion techniques are used in almost every sport setting to heal and recover post a heavy training session or during a prolonging tournament and especially when you are involved in a contact sport to improve the tissue healing response. Ice baths are displayed to have immense effect on the recovery rate of the players. We have two bathtubs customised specifically for icebaths.

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