Training Programs

strength and conditioning program

This type of training plan is meant for individuals willing to improve their performance with the use of different methods like weightlifting, functional circuit drills and/or agility drills etc. A strength and conditioning plan consist of high intensity exercises and are preluded with warm-up and succeeded with a cool-down routine which our team will help you fit. Every session is monitored with the use of multiple evidence-based metrics like managing the workload of every individual and profiling them for load-velocity curves. These profiles and monitoring schedules help us determine intensity zones for every session and develop the individual accordingly
Recreational athlete assessment

As the importance and awareness of fitness is on the rise, many are involved in some or the other physical / sporting activity. Although limitless in variety, most of the people are resorting to running marathons. Huge number of participants are reported competing in them. Without proper support any activity can do more harm than good. Fit2Sport has since developed a special assessment protocol based on the requirements for these events. Focusing primarily on injury prevention and recovery, also consulting on nutritional as well as biomechanical assessment. Our vision is to create a healthy lifestyle for each and every individual presenting with any related problem. 

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